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Is a typical Italian brewed coffee which is created by forcing boiling water through ground coffee beans. Espresso comes out as a much thicker coffee due to the higher concentration of suspended dissolved solids. What typifies good espresso is also the cream which you find on top of the coffee itself. Of foamy texture is one of the most pleasant parts of the coffee. Although more concentrated than American coffee, because of the serving size it actually had less caffeine in total.

Angelo Moriondo was the inventor of the pressure pump machine, the precursor to the modern barista style machines in cafés today. 

Initially scorned and banned from Europe due to it being a ‘muslim’ drink it quickly grew in popularity as it entered the European continent through Venice in the 17th century. Coffee culture grew and evolved over the ages into what it is today. A social lubricant and an integral part of everyday life it is now the second most traded commodity in the world. 

Of all the hundreds of species of coffee in the world, there are two varieties which are most used. Robusta and Arabica. Robusta has twice the caffeine of Arabica making it more bitter. Being a tougher plant though it does stand weather fluctuations and disease more readily than Arabica making it easier and more cost effective to use. 

Espresso can be had at any time of day and it is the base for cappuccino and macchiato. It is important to remember that Italians will never have a cappuccino after midday, nor is it ever acceptable to lunch or dine with one! Espresso is a national sport in Italy, an excuse to chat and stop many times through the work day. It is also an excellent way to boost energy levels and clear the palate after a meal. Another thing to note is that we hardly ever sit down for coffee, which considering the serving size is logical. The traditional way to have espresso is standing up at the bar as you will see everybody else doing! So go ahead and indulge into this delicacy and experience real Italian coffe!

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