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Osteria al Portego .../ Venice & Veneto




Osteria al Portego
Osteria al Portego

It is a Known landmark of the young nightlife in Venice and unmissable stop during a food and wine tour. This Ostaria offers an irresistible showcase of Venetian appetizers of excellent quality.

You can seat at one of the few table available to taste a risotto, a frittura (fried fish mix) or a cut of swordfish. Reservations are a must, given the handful of tables and the remarkable rate of crowds.

It is easier intead to have a glass of wine (ombra in venetian dialect) and some appetizers standing at the counter. Costini with baccalà, robiola and radicchio and meatballs are a must try.

Address: Calle Malvasia, Castello 6014 Venezia

Osteria al Portego

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