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Yet another classic, this is a typical ‘secondo’ dish that you can have after your carbonara or cacio e pepe. They are veal cutlets wrapped in prosciutto crudo, topped with a leaf of sage and then marinated in white wine. They are pan fried and then served. Quick and easy they are a tasty and relatively healthy meat dish. They are easy to recreate at home follow our quick and easy recipe!

These ingredients are measured per head:

• one thin cutlet of veal 

• one slice of prosciutto 

• one leaf of sage

Leave the cutlet flat and wrap the prosciutto around it. Top with a leaf of sage and hold everything together with a toothpick. Marinate this in white wine for about an hour. To cook the saltimbocca melt some butter in skillet and then lightly brown the cutlet on both sides before serving! 

If you want to mix things up why don’t you try substituting the veal for a pork chop! 

Buon Appetito! 

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