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Spaghetti Cappers & Olives
Spaghetti Cappers & Olives

This dish is very typical of Naples and it is prepared at least once a week in a Neapolitan family because it is too good!!!

Ingredients for 2 people:

  • a handful of black olives from Gaeta area North of Naples(pitted)
  • a handful of saltedcapers
  • 500g of Piennolo tomato puree
  • a clove of garlic
  • 250 gr. of spaghetti
  • 4 spoons of extra virgin olive oil


  1. Put oil in a saucepan with garlic cut into small pieces,
    and the pitted olives
  2. After  few minutes add the tomato puree
  3. Take the capers rinse them quickly leaving some salt grains on them; mince them  and add to the sauce; cook for 15 min and adjust the salt content by add more of it if needed ( usually using our
    method you will not have to do add salt because ‘capers already contain salt)
  4. In the meantime cook the spaghetti and when they are “al dente” (that means they can be cut by your teeth neasily but they are not too soft or chewy)
  5. Raise the spaghetti with a big fork and plounge them in the sauce. Stir them on medium heat until the sauce sticks on the spaghetti then serve.

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